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Meditation: a novelty or a necessity in today's workplace?

All the skills and attributes that make for a successful and engaged workplace are found in the minds of people. Yet we continue talking about creativity, focus, emotional intelligence, resilience, relationship building and other attributes that make up success and engagement as if they can be purchased in a book or a one off workshop. Here’s the truth, they cannot and I think we are coming to realize this. When I asked an executive recently – Why Meditation? They answered: I need a daily practice that will bridge the gap between knowing and being. Its one thing to talk about focus and creativity, and quite another to, intentionally, harness it within our mind. That’s where meditation comes in and that’s why it is fast becoming a necessity in the workplace.

There was a time not long ago when the word meditation brought visions of people in robes sitting quietly in remote areas. There was a time when a few workplaces thought it might be a novelty to add it to their stress management programs. Today, as the science and research mounts – meditation is shifting from a novelty to a necessity for today’s workplaces. Even the reputable Harvard Business Review is siting meditation as one of the top practices for the 21st century business leader. The reason for this is that the benefits of it extend far beyond relaxation. There is growing evidence that meditation is a powerful way to build leadership skills and advance goals.

Google the science of meditation and you will see that it is having a positive impact on a wide range of areas – from our immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems to helping us create the space to really listen to employees and co-workers. You might not need another workshop on “listening skills” – you may find it much more powerful to press pause for 5 to 10 minutes, in your day, to unlock new levels of empathy.

One of the biggest reasons that meditation impacts so many aspects of our life is because of how it actively shifts and changes the brain. In his amazing book, Evolve your Brain, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that meditation takes us from Beta to Alpha and Theta brain wave states. Why is this so important you might ask? In a nutshell, you are shifting the brain from overdrive and survival mode into creativity mode and what I also like to call the “all is possible and I can handle anything” state. Now that’s amazing!

New levels of creativity, focus and fulfillment are possible when we actively shift our brain wave states. Deeply inspired by this knowledge, I imagine a time when leaders sit and breathe for 5 minutes before they go into an important team meeting. I see intentional midday meditations taking place to help shift people into that - all is well and I can handle anything state.

As I get approached by more leaders and more workplaces, I am coming to realize that meditation is no longer a novelty; in today’s fast paced world it is a necessity. I used to coach people on all aspects of their personal and professional lives; today I focus on one thing – meditation – that positively impacts everything!

Angela Kontgen

Meditation Coach & Creator

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