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So what's the big deal with the present moment?

It's where your life is happening!

There's mountains of talk on the present moment. We attend courses, on it, read books on it - we meditate on it....we've created a frenzy around it's a new trend or something. I find it fascinating.

So I came across a variation of these words in the book Unplug - great book on meditation by the way and I loved it. Plain and simple - the present moment is where your life is happening. It's not happening the past that we regret so much and it's not happening in the future that we worry about endlessly, it's happening right here in this moment. If you just stop and breathe into that - you might just be a little blown away in this moment...

There was a time in my life (I call it one of my past lives) where I would hurry through my days and endless to-do's and at the end of the day and week, I felt like I had barely noticed any of it - I had barely noticed my life happening and it was scary. Life is brilliant and brief, it does go by in a flash. A day, a year, 20 years - it flies....

If I don't stop and slow down, I am basically missing my life...and I don't wish to miss another drop of it. What has helped me so much in this respect is meditation - it's strengthened my pause button, through the day- not just when I sit in meditation. It's like it's made it cool to stop and notice my life where before I might have thought "who has time for that - I've got too much to do - I'll slow down when it's all done..."

See what's the point in achieving, striving or creating anything if we are barely able to notice it. As I write these words, I sit across from the man that I love as he writes his 15th book - Influence - I notice how intense he is as he works, I love his face and sometimes we pause to kiss or he might randomly say "have I told you I love you today?" and I'll just wallow in how lovely that is to hear. I notice the energy of this busy cafe where I sit and create and I find myself pausing to soak it in and reflect on the brilliant unfolding of my life and how spectacular it is....

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