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"It's time to get urgent about elevating your Mind &
Mindset with the
powerful practice of
Morning Coffee

Morning Mindset Meditation 

Outcome of this Meditation: To help you begin your day with Energy & Intention. To help you feel a greater sense that you are the creator of your day instead of at the mercy of external events. 

Benefit:  Wellness, Performance and Creativity  

Starry Night

Evening Reflection Meditation 

Outcome of this meditation:  These times call for us to be guided by a vision more than ever before so ending the day with a powerful peaceful reflective practice as you drift off to sleep and into the realms of the Subconscious Mind is an incredibly intentional way to live.


Benefit: Wellness




Bridge Over a Lake

Back on Track Meditation

Outcome of this meditation: How human of you to sometimes get or feel off track.  The most important thing is to get you feeling back on track again especially mentally and emotionally especially if you are going into a meeting or gathering with others. You want to be "on".  This is a short meditation, easy to integrate into your day.

Benefit:  Performance

Ancient Architecture

True Focus Meditation

Outcome of Meditation: In these busy times with so many non stop distractions, it is said that we now have the attention span of a goldfish.  Well, Focus is a skill set you can build and meditation is an effective medium to do so.  Use this meditation when you  need to really get focused and maybe it's hard.


Benefit: Performance & Creativity 


Daily Dose of Self Love

Outcome of this Meditation: We beat ourselves up all the time and this does not serve our higher good and our relationships.  Self love is a concept we throw around in our world quite a bit but it is quite a challenge to cultivate.  This is where meditation can help as it allows us to do this work within a deeper level of mind and bring this concept to life in our life. 



Benefit:  Emotional Wellness

Child's Pose

Alignment Meditation 

Outcome of Meditation:  It is incredibly powerful to align daily and intentionally with a the highest version and vision for yourself and your life and meditation helps you do this work within the realms of the subconscious mind, 90% of your mind that you normally do not have access to but when the mind is calmer it opens up this part of your mind.  



Benefit:  Performance & Creativity 

Abstract Water

Living in Flow Meditation

Outcome of Meditation:  Flow has been studied extensively in the field of positive physiology.  Living more in flow contributes to wellness and overall happiness.  But it is a concept that is hard for the busy survival mind to grasp, so doing the work when the mind is calmer, through meditation is where this concept of flow can come to life for us.




Benefit: Creativity

Woman Meditating

Create your Day Meditation 

Outcome of Meditation:  You can be at the mercy of the external world or you can intentionally create your day and your life and the mind is the place to begin; a calmer mind. "Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve" ~ Napoleon Hill.  In this meditation you will use a skill called Workshop of the Mind to build your visualization muscles.  A very powerful creative meditation.  


Benefit: Performance & Creativity 

Healthy at any age

True Health & Healing Meditation

Outcome of Meditation:  When we actively calm the brain & mind through meditation we engage the parasympathetic nervous system ~ the rest and recovery system.  When this system is engaged we shift internally towards health and healing. 



Benefit: Physical, Mental and Emotional wellness

Yoga Class for all Ages

Living Healthy with Diabetes Meditation

Benefits of Meditation:  There is now clinical evidence that practicing meditation can help to reduce reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate and optimize oxygen intake. Lowering the stress response can also have an impact on blood sugar levels.  This is a great complimentary health practice for diabetic patients.


Benefits: Wellness 

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

 Healthy Heart Meditation  

Benefits of Meditation:  Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in North America so studies are now being conducted to demonstrate that this low cost and easily accessible practice benefit cardiovascular health. Studies show that meditation can help to lower blood pressure and aid in smoking cessation. Meditation added as a complimentary tool to other medical and non medical practices can enhance effectiveness and even compliance. 


Benefits: Wellness

Rock Balancing

True Balance Meditation 

Outcome of this Meditation:  We all seek more balance in our lives and yet it remains elusive.  It's likely the no.1 item on employee health and wellness feedback forms.  True balance is first an inner state of creation, a mental and emotional state that when actively practiced through meditation can empower us to then make changes in our outer life to bring about more balance. 


Benefit:  Wellness & Performance 


I love creating

These are a sampling of the life transforming meditations I have created that serve and support people's journey's in life & leadership.

From personalized meditations, meditation programs, meditations for apps, customized meditations for various coaching and business initiatives and internal learning portals; the meditations here, are a small sampling and can be customized to your organization, your objectives, your project, your vision and your values.  


Meditation is fast becoming the new revolutionary health and performance tool, so if you have a meditation in mind or an inspired concept, let's talk...


Meditation Coach & Creator

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