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Coaching the Coach

Do you have a unique way of coaching & serving the others?

Are you simply unsure or perhaps overwhelmed as to how to put it all together into a program offering?

Well, no worries, I have you covered. 

This 3 month Coach the Coach program will help you:

- create massive clarity around your teachings & your ideal client

- design a unique coaching program that feels right for you

- layout marketing touch points that represent you and speak to your soul such as a concept design for your website, how to share on social media and other communication points

- how to attract those first clients

- how to structure your week and month around your coaching

- how to keep the momentum alive and evolve your program

You've taken all the courses, you have all the knowledge, now let's put it all together so that you feel so good and so confident about attracting those first clients.  


I help Coaches get clear and get started!

I love working with a few coaches who are on the edge of making it happen, they just need a little support and guidance.  I've also been coaching for over 15 years and have launched several successful programs.  


I help you launch your vision and your program into the world in a way that feels right for you. 

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