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Welcome to the Symphonies Library

I know you love the meditations created for you on this journey and so I have created a space for you to access them. 

I do encourage you to still use the current Symphonies meditation theme as your main practice and use these meditations for extra practice - perhaps on a weekend or in the evening or at a time when you need that particular theme. 


For example:

- use Prepare the Mind when you are prepping for something big in life or in work

- use Forgiveness when you are going through a challenge in a relationship

- use Letting Go when you are stuck in life and having a hard time detaching

- use Create when you have to get creative and flex your manifestation muscles.

- use Gentle when you need help being kind and loving toward yourself

- use Inner Strength when you need to practice tapping into your natural born state

- use Limitless when you need to practice truly tapping into the limitless being you are 

- use Open to practice living with a wide open heart and mind, making you truly magnetic!

- use Trust when you are going through a challenging time that requires new levels of trust in self and in the universe.

These are just a few examples but just a note, don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed with too many meditations. 

Choose a few and go deep - I find that always works best. 

Enjoy your Library

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