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What others are saying...

“Angela has been giving meditations sessions for 18 months at Autodesk, at first at our office in Toronto, then with the pandemic, virtually. What I appreciate from Angela is her flexibility, desire to respond to our needs and always welcoming feedback. I like that she uses themes for every meditation, based on our suggestions.  I always thought meditation was inaccessible, but I have changed my mind. Angela integrates  tips on how to settle our mind and I have seen real improvement. I really like that she brings scientific facts to our meditation to explain how the mind and the brain work. As humans, we often look for evidence, right? In my HR position, I see employees struggling with the challenges Covid has brought over the last 15 months and I share with them how meditation can make a difference in these difficult times. Angela can make a difference.”

Marie Lacasse HR, Autodesk Canada

"Meditation has been a reluctant subject for me over the years until I met Angela. Her compassionate style and knowledgeable background has profoundly touched my life. I endorse her work and recommend her to anyone who truly desires personal growth.” 

David Byrd / Leadership Coach/U.S.A.

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