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Welcome to the Writer's Café!

An inspiring yearly experience to get you focused & into the rhythm of writing

Good news!

We are opening café again September 24th 2023 for 7 awesome days!

The best part is you can access this café experience from anywhere in the world.

Last year, we focused on helping you build confidence in yourself as a writer.

This year is all about helping you get to the 


The ONE thing you just have to write.

The ONE thing you would regret not writing. 

The ONE thing that sets you apart from other writers.

Here's what we for sure:

- it's not easy to get to the ONE thing

- the world is even noisier so it's harder than ever before 

- your mind is all caught up in comparisons and what you think you "should" write about 

- it takes discipline and action to get to the ONE thing


There are more things on this list, but we'll start with those...


Angela Kontgen & Gerry Visca

We exist to help you help the world


Your voice helps the world.

We've been helping writers for the last 11 years.  

Gerry as a passionate novelist, screenplay writer and indie publisher, has written and produced over 25 books and helped writers get their words out into the world in countless writing projects. 

He's also helping make some children's writing dreams come true through the Children's Wish Foundation - which is pretty awesome!

Angela has been at his side, inspired to support writers in finding that unique voice and help them prepare and open their writer's mind.

When it comes to our publishing work, we also do not believing in leading with and misleading with grandiose over-promises of "best-seller" status.  

We like to be real with our writers


focus on helping you write because we know it's in you and the world will be an even better place with your voice & verse out there. 


Here's how it's going to work this year:

The Café is an on-line experience that you can login into, listen & do anywhere, anytime - preferably at a Café, but you can do it on the dock at your cottage, from the comfort of your home or during a break at the work. 

That's how easy and accessible it is.

This year it is a 7 day experience for writers of all levels and ages.

You will receive inspiration for your writing and help defining the ONE THING.

We are framing this experience around something so significant that you cannot help but get to that One Thing.

You also receive help preparing and opening your mind to write - because that doesn't just happen!

We'll conclude the 7 day experience with a live zoom call (optional) with us to further refine and define that One thing that is in you to say and create. 

We start this inspired journey September 24, 2023!


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