December 9, 2019

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Why Living in Flow is so Vital...

October 17, 2019


Symphonies for the Mind is where the Power of Personal Growth meets the Magic & Effectiveness of Meditation which is why the next series of meditations I am creating, will help you experience: Living in Flow.  


So why is this so vital, you might be wondering...


Well Dear one, Living in Flow is the same thing as living optimally or living in alignment with your desires, goals and dreams.  It's essentially a state of Optimal Functioning, Creative Thinking and almost effortless productivity and who doesn't want more of that?


But here's the thing, humans have been conditioned to believe that life is hard, it's a struggle and you must continually push and claw your way to the front or to the top of whatever pile society has you believing you must climb...and the impact of this is a growing exhaustion, anxiety, sadness, restlessness, overwhelm, unwellness and the list goes on.  


Quantum Science shows us that the world and the universe is a constant flow of energy and information.  You are a constant flow of energy and information.  You are also mostly made of water - over 70% and when water is flowing it is healthy and vibrant! Interesting...


When you are going with the current, especially an internal guiding current, you feel relief.  When you are going with the current of life, you tend to feel in alignment.  When you are going against the current of life you tend to feel out of alignment.  


When we are going with the current of life, we know it because of how we feel - your feelings are your greatest GPS and the practice of meditation begins to heighten your inward connection to your feelings and hence your powerful intuitive senses.  The practice of meditation literally begins to shift you from numbed out mode to it's okay to feel mode.  We've never really been shown how to do this, effectively and powerfully.  Rather, bottle up our emotions and they then blast out of us unproductively and in a way that is not in alignment with our highest selves.  


Meditation helps us because it actively connects you to your heart, a powerful intuitive centre within that is being researched extensively by the Heart Math Institute (HMI). 


When you feel like you are flowing with the current of life it can feel the same as having been in a very strong current of water where you have been fighting against it (let's call this life) to the point of exhaustion some days and then you Let Go and all of sudden allow the current to take you in the direction of everything you desire. Meditation helps you with the practice of Letting Go, with the practice of flowing with life for this begins from's not an external experience, it's an inward creation. 


Letting Go and Living in Flow emotionally translates as inspiration, excitement, passion, appreciation and a feeling like our entire soul is exhaling...


When we go ag