December 9, 2019

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What to do when thoughts come during Meditation?

November 11, 2019


So you've chosen to start meditating - Awesome!  You've made one of the best decisions ever as this will serve, support and strengthen every aspect of your life and I do not say this lightly, this is backed by Science Baby!  Meditation strengthens you from Within and this is true Strength...


Over time, you will notice some subtle yet significant changes and shifts within you and this will impact how you feel and how you are able to "Show Up" with everything and everyone around you - in a very positive way.  


But as with all things awesome in life you will go through some discomfort and one of them is the busy untrained mind and you will likely ask: What do I do with the thoughts that keep floating into my mind during Meditation? It's a common concern/question dear one so here are a few tips:


1) Practice dropping the expectation that your mind needs to become this blank empty slate or that is what you are striving for, especially in the beginning.  Everything in life is a practice - even dropping our expectations is a practice because we humans are so damn good at having and creating expectations about almost everything.  Expectations, especially in the case of meditation usually set us up nicely for self judgement and that self judgement only puts up barriers to forward movement.  So practice dropping expectations - just do it with a knowing that your mind will be busy with thoughts until it is less busy - it's just the way it is...


2) Commit to the practice - Just do it Baby! Decide because nothing awesome is possible until you decide.  At least once you decide, those thoughts about whether to start and analyzing whether this is good for you or not (trust the science on this one - it just is) will quiet down a little. 


3) Put some "Sameness" into the practice so you don't have to "think" about that - Start at the same time each day so your brain doesn't have to put any energy towards that and choose the same meditation space so you meditate in the same way everyday.  Routine around your meditation practice goes a long way to train the brain in getting into the zone automatically and this helps with the amount of thoughts that float through the mind.