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Bother Me Baby...

August 4, 2018

In memory of sweet uncle Joe.



Last night we watched a movie, a love story, and although it wasn't the greatest bit of acting we both still enjoyed it. I guess we simply love immersing ourselves in the energy and inspiration of love.  I love that about you...



The loveliest line in the movie was the lead guy repeating "Come bother me baby" to his love, throughout.  The movie began, like most love stories, with the couple at odds with each other and in a sort of conflict.  As they fall more deeply in love he continues to say this throughout and something about "come bother me" is resting in my heart today. 


As we sat on our bench by the water, this morning, me sipping my coffee while you read to me from a new novel, I stopped you and said "You know love, one day you or I might sit here alone on this bench and we will reflect on the other in many ways. We will remember with smiles all that we loved about the other and as we do so, our eyes will fill with tears at how much we miss that in our lives.  We will also reflect, I believe, on all that bothered us about the great love of our life - for we are imperfectly perfect beings after all.  I would remember all the things I loved but I would also remember all the little things that bothered me and in that moment, I know, I would do anything to have them back even for one more day or moment. I would desperately want it all back in my life again.


I would miss all of it and I would reflect with smiles and tears on it all.  You would reflect and miss perhaps how flighty and flowy I can be - not needing or wanting to plan too much, living by the seat of my pants most of the time, kind of noisy some of the time and restless in the middle of the night, disturbing your sleep a little or how I talk too little sometimes. You'd miss it and want it back again.  I'd miss how super organized you are right down to the smallest detail, how you need to plan most things out to fully enjoy them, how you always clean up after me even when I don't want you to.  How you lean over to turn off the light and take all the sheets and blankets with you talk too much sometimes. 


I'd miss it all and want it back. I'd want you to bother me again...I know this to be true with all my heart...


So as I reflect on this I think of sweet uncle Joe whose heart stopped last night after his long and difficult month of illness and how his lovely wife will miss all of him, all of the wonderful things and all of the little things that bothered her and how right now she would do anything to be bothered again...I love this so much...


As I sit here, I here the "bothersome" super fast clicks on the mouse of your computer as you create yet another masterpiece and I know that if one day I should sit here without you I would want very much to be bothered by those clicks again...Come Bother me Baby...



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