You have a choice, you can continue to be "run" by the external world - other people, circumstances, events or you can begin to strengthen yourself from within.  

The Inner Edge is a personalized coaching program to help you Go Within to Grow Within.   

We will use the power and effectiveness of meditation to help you strengthen your mind - which is where it all begins and connect to who you really are and what you are meant to be and experience with the time you have been gifted. 


Why Meditation?

The Harvard Business Review sites Meditation as one of the top success haibts for today's Leader or entrepreneur. To navigate the pace of change in our world it's not just a "nice" thing to do, it's a neccessary skill to thriving in our noisy fast paced world.  


So in this unique 3 month coaching program, for those who are ready and no longer wish to be run and defined by the external world.    You will be guided and supported as you strengthen your connection to your inner self and create that Inner Edge. 


Month 1:  CALM

Learn to Calm your Brain & Mind and begin to "access" the strength and knowningness that is within you.  This month is all about helping you build the foundation.  


Month 2: CONNECT

As you strengthen the pathway to yourself, through meditation,you strengthen your connection to your Intelligent & Intuitive Heart.    Science is showing us that the Heart is not merely an organ but one of the most powerful energies within us.  Through a calmer brain and mind and a more connected heart, we are able to create new levels of Focus and Clarity around what it is you are meant to be.  You will be gifted another guided meditation to help you continue your journey of growing within.


Month 3: CREATE

Now we are really rockin!  In month 3 we learn to let go and really begin to use the brain and mind to Create. In this month you will learn how to use the power of meditation to do the work and visualize the life you desire to experience and create.  


At the end of the 3 month coaching program you will be gifted a 

2 Months of access to Symphonies for the Mind to keep what your inward growth alive. Symphonies is a journey of Inspiring meditations that guide, calm and free the mind.  


The best part - You are not alone, we'll be working together towards a stronger and true connection to yourself.  

The Inner Edge