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It all begins with a calmer brain baby!

Who wants new levels of health and energy? How about the ability to focus and retain information - want some of that? Who among us would love to be able to manage, shift or hey even better "embrace our emotions" so they don't run the show? What would it be like to actualy harness the creative capacities of the mind? And hey while we are at it how about a bit of peace and noticing our precious life flying by in the present moment, on the side?

What I've come to know for sure is that it all begins with a calmer brain and mind. New levels of anything from happiness, peace, focus, creativity or emotional intelligence are virtually impossible when our brains are in their normal daily "busy" doing modes. Why? Your brain, which is the CEO of everything - mind & body - is in survival mode. You may be wishing for more peace and balance and ability to visualize an even greater life but your brain on "hyper drive" is sending totally different signals to the rest of your body and being...there is now bus loads of science to back that up.

So how do you calm that gorgeous brain of yours? How do you shift your brain waves from "I'm just trying to survive and get by" to "All is well, I can handle anything and I am a creative genius so happy to be living my life fully in the present moment!" - Well, I guess you can book yourself a trip to Tahiti tomorrow and that would be awesome - but why don't you give Meditation a go.

Meditation is a like a daily vacation for your brain and mind (it's actually been studied in this sense) and if you are up to greatness, growth and experiencing more of your precious life - this is not just a "nice" thing to do - It's one of the most powerful ways to begin your day and to get & keep your mind back on track to what matters to you and your life - you name it, it all begins with a calmer brain.

Here's an example: I had a lovely individual with a long history of digestive issues and a very stressful lifestyle share with me the other day that they had been going to see a Naturopath and they were receiving various supplements and remedies - Great, I said, that you are taking action and seeking help - but here's the thing, what are you doing about your stressed out brain that are sending signals to your digestive system that you are just trying to survive and therefore essentially signalling it to disengage - I don't need you as I'm quite literally being chased by tigers so I'm totally not concerned with digesting anything at this moment? You can take supplements by the bucket full but if your brain is sending fight or flight signals to that part of your body - you might not be doing very much at all - or as much as you could be to shift your health in this sense. Now if you calmed your brain, daily through meditation, the brain begins to send different signals to your digestive system - ahhh, all is well, I 'm not being chased anymore, can you start absorbing these cool vitamins and enzymes I'm taking in - great, thanks!

Meditation is sited, by the Harvard Business Review, as one of the top daily practices for today's leaders, entrepreneurs or like I like say - anyone up to greatness!

So what are you waiting for - calm your brain, change your mind and well, just shift almost any aspect of your life to new's pretty cool...

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