Morning Energy Meditation 

White Pathway

Back on Track Meditation

Abstract Water

Living in Flow Meditation 

Starry Night

Evening Reflection Meditation 

Morning Fog

Midday "All is Well" Meditation 


Focus Meditation 

  • Rock Balancing

    True Balance Meditation 

  • Yoga by the Ocean

    True Health & Healing Meditation 

  • Elderly Woman at Gym

    Living Healthy w Diabetes Meditation 

  • Warm Up on the Beach

    Heart Health Meditation 

  • Sandy Beach

    Mental Wellness Mentation 

  • White Branch

    Create your Day Meditation 


Welcome to my Portfolio...

I love creating beautiful, transformative meditations that elevate the mind and people's lives...

I've created personalized meditations, I have created meditation programs, I have created meditations for apps and master classes, I have created meditations for innovative corporate initiatives...the list goes on.  

On this page you will find a sampling of the themes.  

I create meditations because they are a real tangible and proven way to help people whether it be in their health, their relationships, their professional life.  It just works.  

So maybe you have a cool idea, a cool new app, a cool new initiative and you are inspired by how meditation can add to this.  You have the idea ~ I create the meditation. 

Connect with me...

Angela Kontgen

Meditation Creator