Welcome to Inner Wellness
As part of my work and desire to help more people in Healthcare, I have created this wellness portal for those I am serving and supporting to access some uniquely themed & guided meditations, a few resources and some support they might need to make this habit accessible in their busy lives. I'll be hosting a series of monthly calls with the first being focused on Nurses.
Please see the image below with dates and zoom link imbedded into the image. Login access will be provided on the monthly. 
Today there is so much growing evidence of the role meditation and mindfulness can play in serving and strengthening our mind and mindset which can help to elevate our overall daily performance and well being.  

What you receive on this portal:


- a focused Guided Meditation around a Personal growth & Wellness

- A monthly zoom call with a guided meditation and support (see current healthcare focus - Meditation for Nurses) 

If you wish to donate to my work here is a button and a few choices and I thank you...

Connect with me at angela@angelakontgen.com to discuss a specific healthcare initiative. 
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Online Meditation

The gift of a better workplace...

Focus...Clarity...Ease...are not necessarily words that you might associate with your workday...but they could be, through the active participation and practice of mindfulness and meditation.


Imagine if more people on your team listened better, if there was less personal drama, if there was even more kindness and consideration for each other? What kind of impact would that create all around. Maybe it would feel better or even better to be at work. Recent research reveals the tangible benefits of meditation and mindfulness in the workplace. These kinds of programs can create benefits that add to organizational effectiveness and culture.