How to Calm your Mind in these times...

Why would you want to learn to Calm your Mind in these times?


Because it helps you shift out of stress and survival mode which does not serve you and help you to move forward. 

Calming your Brain and Mind helps you actively shift into an elevated Mindset. 

And even you have the busiest mind on the Planet, in 4 weeks you will learn the powerful practice of calming your brain & mind. 

 This 4 week course is delivered, weekly, on line via zoom and is designed to support your journey to a Calmer Mind and therefore experience the benefits of Well being even and especially in these times. 


Everything begins with a Calmer Mind.

So join us for an inspiring and supportive 4 weeks and consider doing this with a friend or colleague. 

If you are someone who:

- is really struggling mentally & emotionally in these uncertain times

- is having difficulty connecting to the big picture, solutions or opportunities that challenging times can present for us

- has tried meditation but feel you have not succeeded or gotten off course

- is a total meditation virgin

- is interested in taking your mind to the next level with Meditation but wishes to focus first on building the habit

This Course is for you...

The next Course: TBD
What we'll cover: 
Week 1: Learning how to Settle and Still and Set up your daily practice.  
Week 2: Learning how to Breathe and how to deal with distractions.  
Week 3: Learning how to bring the Mind Back when it wanders & How to stay the course when life is so busy 
Week 4: Taking your practice & your mind to the next level
What you receive:
- 4 weekly live calls & coaching, all recorded 
- a professional guided meditation to use for 4 weeks, with all 3 options 
- one on one assistance, if you need it throughout the 4 weeks
- Option 2 and 3 come with seats for a friend or colleague to do this with you