How to Calm your Busy Mind

Imagine a Calmer Mind in 4 weeks...

Even if you believe you have the busiest mind on the Planet you will learn to calm your brain & mind through this course. 

 This 4 week course is delivered weekly on line via zoom and is designed to support your journey to a Calmer Mind and therefore experiencing all the benefits to your Health, Healing, Happiness & Fulfillment.  

Everything your seek begins with a Calmer Mind.

So join us for an inspiring and supportive 4 weeks.

If you are someone who:

- has tried meditation but feel you have not succeeded or gotten off course

- is a total meditation virgin

- is interested in Symphonies for Mind but wishes to focus first on building the habit

This Course is for you...

The next Course begins: 
Thursday January 2nd at 7:00pm EST and continues every Thursday for 4 weeks total. Easy to do from your home or during your lunch hour at work
We will meet live each week via zoom meeting but all calls will be recorded and forwarded to you.  
Purchase Course for yourself or as a Gift for someone:
What we'll cover: 
Week 1: How Meditation benefits you and your life, how to set up your practice & how to begin.
Week 2: Trouble shooting & how it benefits you in Everyday life and Everyday situations 
Week 3: How to stay the course when life is so busy
Week 4: Taking your practice & your mind to the next level
What you receive:
- weekly live calls & coaching, also recorded 
- a professional guided meditation to use for 4 weeks
- one on one assistance, if you need it throughout the 4 weeks
- one month membership to Symphonies for the Mind

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