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A Strong Mind is within reach...

Welcome to my inspired work; helping people and workplaces go through and grow through anything, even better, with the powerful and proven practices of meditation & mindfulness. 


Why is Meditation needed now more than ever? 

Well, logically, the mind is our greatest asset in life and when the mind is in constant "Busy or Stress Mode", it's actually not functioning and performing at its best.  


When the brain and mind are calmer we tend to make better decisions, perform better and we are at our most creative.  We also feel better & healthier. It's just the way it is, but don't take my word for it, check out some of the amazing and ever expanding science and research of the mind on meditation, which is what has inspired and driven me to help so many with this practice since 2008. 


In an increasingly complex world, meditation and mindfulness initiatives are always a good investment, no longer simply a "nice" thing to check out when you have a bit of time on the weekend, but rather vital to our longevity, performance, everyday functioning and well being.  

Whether it is with Symphonies for the Mind - an inspired monthly meditation experience I create or with the Inner Edge - a weekly on-line meditation experience for inspired workplaces; I exist to help more people with this powerful practice. 

So let's connect and create a meaningful experience for you and/or your workplace...

How to work with me...

Symphonies for the Mind


A Monthly Meditation Membership combining the power of personal growth with meditation.

Each month I create a series of meditations around a personal growth theme, that are accessible on the member site. 

I also host a monthly live call to serve and support members with their practice and the themes we are working on.  

The Inner Edge 

Online Meditation

A weekly on line meditation experience serving and supporting the mindsets of people in workplaces. I help people, through the practice of a calmer brain and mind, Go through and Grow through change and challenges better. 

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