Create Your Life - Notice Your Life

An Inspiring 7 Week Course with Gerry Visca & Angela Kontgen 

Wave 3 of this course TBD

I am so glad I am doing this as it has changed my perspective on life and what it really means to feel Alive and Notice my life. L.O.

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What you will Receive

#WhyGuy & Transformational Writer Gerry Visca and Meditation Coach Angela Kontgen wrapped around you, Coaching & Inspiring you for 7 weeks. 

- access to a private Facebook Group throughout the course to access recordings and stay connected.


- A download of the just released "My Why" journal


- A digital download of Gerry's Audiobook "I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing"


- Your own unique Big Question to Live for 7 weeks

All Zoom Meetings will be recorded for you to listen to as often as you like or replay if you missed a live session. 

What  you will  Experience

The Intention of this Course is to help you Shift though the stories, the excuses, the non-stop doing & rushing and regrets that keep us from noticing our lives and creating the Life we were meant to Experience.  


So for 7 weeks we are going to Wrap around you & wrap a transformational energy around you that truly shocks you back into your Life.

Warning: this is only for those who want to truly feel Alive before they leave this earth!

Consider doing this course with a friend, a spouse or colleague to make it even more powerful & impactful. 

It's Easy & So Accessible to join us...

We are going to connect for 7 weeks on 7 Sundays at 7pm EST via Zoom Meeting!  All meeting are recorded so no worries if you miss a live one.

Easy to do no matter where you are - even sipping a cold one on the dock or while travelling across the globe.

Your Investment: 77$ for 7 Weeks of Massive Inspiration.

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"I almost missed the Facebook posts of the course. How fitting...kind of like a lot of my life! Moving along a breakneck speed, so much passes me by unnoticed. But the words jumped out at me one day and I clicked REGISTER. What a humbling first few weeks it has been. A weekly reminder to enjoy the daily miracles - and there are so many! Each week unfolds a new way to notice your life - and not just notice it, CREATE it. No more standing on the sidelines watching it whip by ... I'm creating baby!!! A life that I will notice and remember fondly - whether I have 7 weeks, 7 years or 7 decades left! Thank you Angela and Gerry!”   

Tara Elston Dinyer, Professor Mohawk College

I am so glad I am doing this as it has changed my perspective. It has also caused me to really get moving on a project that I have been working on for a long time, but have allowed the what ifs or the what would they says to stop me. 

Lori Oaks, California

Let us help you Create your Masterpiece? 

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