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November 11, 2019

So you've chosen to start meditating - Awesome!  You've made one of the best decisions ever as this will serve, support and strengthen every aspect of your life and I do not say this lightly, this is backed by Science Baby!  Meditation strengthens you from Within and t...

October 17, 2019

Symphonies for the Mind is where the Power of Personal Growth meets the Magic & Effectiveness of Meditation which is why the next series of meditations I am creating, will help you experience: Living in Flow.  

So why is this so vital, you might be wondering.....

October 10, 2019

Change and Challenge has become an everyday norm in our working world and most of us consider it an inevitable part of the workplace. That's just the way it is right?

Yet research at Harvard and Stanford suggest that we better stop taking stress for granted and the unhe...

September 26, 2019

Meditation is Vital in today's busy non-stop world for Training, Conditioning & Elevating Mindset!

Yes, this is a bold statement, but after over 10 years of work in the Personal Growth area as a coach, working with Individuals, Leaders & Organizations and...

September 12, 2019

Kim Fitzpatrick

I love that these amazing people are so aware that changing anything in your life begins with Mindset and that if you are ready to get serious about changing your Mindset - you have to go Deeper; you have to access the Subconscious Mind and the only way...

June 18, 2019

What would happen if we really began to explore this concept seriously out there in our world?  I know many are.  

Like not as some "well that would be a nice notion" but as a real solution to today's growing health and healing issues.  

We keep adding things f...