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Are you ready to dive into the practice of Optimal Living?  A practice that begins with your MIND - your greatest life asset!

You may still believe it is your physical body and while that is important, it is the Mind that influences & impacts all things physical.  So I will let you ponder that for a while and I'm not here to convince you that it is this point in human history there are a lot of great people that are proving this is so...

Optimal Living Meditations

I was listening to some really epic health based podcasts recently and I walked away with some great insights into physical health and well-being but one of the greatest was the mindset we choose around our health and well-being or any aspect of life for that case.  It is our mindset, first and foremost, that impacts everything.  Here's what I have come to know for sure after 20 plus years of helping people with their health and well being - you can adopt the latest diet trend, you can do the latest exercises on the fanciest machines of our time and while that may provide some brief benefits, the lasting benefits come when we work - you have to work on your mind and mindset to live your most optimal life.  Your mindset determines everything.  It can determine if you stick with something or quit.  It can determine whether you make something harder than it really is.  It can determine how well and fast you heal.  The list is endless.  That is why I am creating these meditations - they are intended to compliment and augment whatever health, healing and wellbeing thing you are into.  Optimal Living comes with a more optimal mind and mindset - not a perfect mind but one that you are working  each day and that is where meditation comes in and why I truly know that you need this powerful practice in your life.  

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