So if you find yourself checking this out you are one of the ones that is not freaked out by this - You are one of the Wholehearted ones that sees this as the Greatest opportunity to make this next Year Count big time and in very profound and meaningful ways, in ways that fill up your Heart and Soul.  Living this next Year as if you had only one Year left is the biggest Life Awakener on the Planet! 

So Welcome!

A bit of Background:

On my own life journey - nothing has ever woken me up quite so powerfully or profoundly to Life than the contemplation of my Death - My Mortality and How Brilliant and Brief it all is...I still remember sitting in a cute and very unexpected Buddhist temple in the year 2011 and hearing the teaching: Death is Certain & Timing is Uncertain and how that defibrillated me like nothing else had! 

So in this coming Year - 2020 - I am taking myself and few beautiful beings on an exciting and unforgettable Year long Experience.  

This will be unique experience for those brave enough

to Live this next year - January 2020 to December 2020

as if it were your last. 


It is meant to the greatest and most profound Life Awakener on the Planet

and I do not say that lightly for Death is the Greatest Life Awakener on the Planet.

Living this way for this next year will create a sense of urgency for living the life that you've always known is in you to experience.

Who is it meant for:

- those who truly desire to wake up to their one precious Life

- those with something meaningful to begin or to finally finish

- those who are so tired of living in that "Someday" energy 

- those who want to finally Let Go of the Life Sucking stories or regrets 

- those who are not freaked out to live this next year as if it were your last

Who is it not meant for:

- those that still wish to live in Someday and believe they have all the time in the world - sorry this is so not for you and I say this with great love and understanding for I know what that "someday" energy is like...

If this is something that interests you please message me on Facebook or Instagram with YES Angela I need to be part of this tell me more! or email me at angela@angelakontgen.com


We begin January 2020!  A year to Live like you've Never lIved before.  A year to Feel Alive...that is what our Mortality does it wakes us up to LIFE! 

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